Experimental graphic brief for fashion label, in the end the designs were not incorporated into the final project. Guess this is owing to the complexity of the designs. Possibly the designs could have been reworked into a simpler and impressionable design. However, this is the way freelance design goes sometimes. Only part of the brief is realised.


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Body Shop pitch – instore promotion / identity (1998)

A really dated in-store pitch for Bodyshop, completed as part of a college project. I really loved using analogue camera equipment, and is one of few designs I’ve done where I used some b&w images as textures. The images worked well, conceptually, the logo and type could have been improved.

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Urban Metropolis

A project, as yet, unrealised. (Coming soon).

i Transport (subway, rail) / Industry, trade, manufacturing & business park locations.

ii Suburban Districts. Qinqpu, Jiading, Baoshan, Songjiang, Minhang, Pudong, Jinshan & Nanhui.

iii Shanghai city districts. Yangpu, Hongkou, Zhabei, Putuo, Changning, Xuhui, Puxi, Luwan & Jinagan.

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Anterior Design II [ Graphic Design ]

Typographic and photographic based media utilised to create cut-up and textural 2D design for recording artist “T”: CD Digipak, 12″ sleeve and disk design.

My  intent was to create an original typeface, (at not closely modelled or adapted from any existing typeface). Influences and inspiration came from calligraphic brush strokes, and simplification of standard letter-forms. This is my first real attempt at creating a typeface and consequently, may be faulted. Yet, the result “Yah Medium & Bold”

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Anterior Design I [ Graphic Design ]

Designs from 1999 for a website promoting innovation and product design in the UK in the year 2000

Chimatica (2006) Promotional brochure and website for a drug and chemical synthesis start-up

Clients required me to stick to an A4 format, and refrain from any type setting which would impair legibility. Clean, crisp layout and direction with the use of only a single font used for both display and the copy-heavy text, contrast the textural composite imagery, created using molecular visualisation software and the standard image editing software. The original logo was complex, using the chemistry mathematical operators,  ( + ↺ 〇 . ) (Scientists are not smart marketers)! I redesigned it to a simple [C ] evoking the sound of the company and [↺].

Self initiated brief for television program exploring music, dance music.

Printed literature for city realty agency.

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